House Majority Leader Cantor visits Watertown

on Wednesday, 10 October 2012.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor was in Watertown, supporting the republican nominee
for the North Country Congressional seat Matt Doheny.  While Doheny supports the passage of the Farm
Bill that has yet to make it to the floor of the house, which is in-line with
Doheny's opponent Owens, it differs from that of Majority Leader Cantor.  Cantor believes that there needs to be
changes to the Non-Farming aspects of the bill, like the Food Stamp and SNAP
provisions in the bill.  Cantor went on
to state that 85% of the bill is not necessarily what a lot of farmers and
dairymen are looking for and that's why they are looking to get reforms in
place so that they can have a bill that addresses the needs of people in the
farm industry.  Doheny acknowledged that
the bill will have to change before it can be brought to a vote and also stated
that both parties are going to have to work together to get this done.