Swap Shop Policy

In order to make Swap Shop fair to everyone, we have developed the following guidelines for use on our website and on the radio Swap Shop program. Swap Shop is a free classified service for personal use only. Ads for businesses are not accepted.

We do not run real estate classified ads, ads for guns, fire arms or ammunitions. Any ads for a pet must be "free to a good home". The Swap Shop ads will be updated every Monday through Friday and will air online for one week only. When your item sell, please notify us. No more than 2 items per week please. We maintain the right to refuse any swap shop ads that do not meet these guidelines. Thank you

General Contest Rules

The following are general rules for contests held on Flack Broadcasting Group stations:

  1. Participants must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  2. Winners have 30 days to claim prize.
  3. Employees of The Flack Broadcasting Group and their immediate families are not eligible to participate or win.
  4. Prizes may not be substituted for cash.
  5. We participate in national contests with other radio stations across the country. Winners of these contests may not be from Flack Broadcasting Stations.
  6. Additional Rules may apply to individual contests.
  7. Winners must claim prize in person at our business office in Lowville at 7606 North State Street. We do not mail prizes unless specified in contest.
  8. All contest rules are posted at our business office at 7606 North State Street Lowville 13367. Our business office if open Monday through Friday 9AM-3PM except holidays.

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