Trail Report

Old Forge:  Trails are in good-fair condition with a 2-6 inch base.

:  The trail system has been groomed.

:  The trails are in good shape & the groomers are out.

:  The groomers have been out.  Use caution on the Woods Trails for debris in the trail.

:  All roads & trails are covered & groomed. The Lake is not safe at this time.

:  The main trails are groomed & in excellent condition.  Use caution on the secondary trails due to water holes & debris.

Barnes Corners
:  Most all of the trails have been groomed.  For the most part the trails are in good condition, but there are some water spots.

:  Trails are groomed & are in great shape.  Be careful of downed debris.

Trackside Blazers
:  Trails are open & groomed, but in marginal condition, stay off the railroad tracks.

Penn Mountain:  Trails are open & the groomers are out.  Ride with caution as there may be debris on the trails.

When you are snowmobiling up on tug hill, in the Adirondacks or as you snowmobile through Boonville, Turin, Old Forge, Inlet, Forestport, Stillwater, High Market, Barnes Corners or Brantingham be sure to check our snowmobile trail reports before you ride in Oneida, Lewis, Herkimer or Hamilton counties.  County to county, we have the most accurate reports for Tug Hill and the Adirondacks!!  If you’d like to send us your report text it to 315-355-SLED (7533)  We also post video of our rides as much as possible and keep you up to date with local snowmobile news about the trails.